For starters, I almost always let Reshade do most of the work for me. As far as presets go, in the past I’ve relied heavily on presets floating around simblr. However, recently, I decided to make my own preset. Presets from other creators are nice, but in the end, I always ended up tailoring them to fit my needs. So I figured it’s better just to make my own.

Once Reshade does the work, I open up Photoshop. Then I use smart sharpen (learned about this little filter from the NSFT discord crew).

Afterwards I apply my “Nightmode” action. (I use Twisted Mexi’s Underworld mod, so it’s always night in my save.) Depending on the image, I may need to toggle some buttons. In this case, I wanted my screenshot to be a little more saturated this time, so I turned it off. If the scene is too bright, I play around with my curves and levels.

And finally, I used Topaz clean to smooth it all out.

And that’s it! Galajunkiez editing style in a nutshell!

*Creator credits: The featured sim was created by Simsperation84 (Gallery ID).

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